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Emphatic Gets Signed with Atlantic Records

Job Well Done—Big Congrats to
Omaha Rockers Emphatic on Getting Signed

By: Audrey Kay xxx

On Sunday, December 27th at 6pm Omaha rock band Emphatic got quite the Christmas present, and something they have been waiting for a long time now; officially signing on with Atlantic Records. Though talented in their own right, this is a HUGE honor to be on the same label as COUNTLESS big names in the music industry such as Phil Collins, Jay-Z, Kid Rock, Jason Mraz, Paolo Nutini (one of my personal favorites), Stone Temple Pilots, as well as to former legends AC/DC, the Stones and Rage Against the Machine…and this doesn't even scratch the surface. And it wasn't just a matter of knowing the right person or being in the right place at the right time…Emphatic has fought tooth and nail for a long time to get the opportunity they have been waiting for, and are a great example that it doesn't matter how small of a town you come from…hard work, determination, and passion for the music can get you on your way.

It has been a very long five years for these guys since the release of their debut self-titled record in 2005. In the summer of 2008, 116 Productions ran by Blue October bassist Matt Noveskey (who I've talked to in the past and hope to work with in the near future) and Chuck Alkazian, produced Emphatic's sophomore record “Goodbye Girl”. With an impressive 17 weeks on the Billboards West North Central Heatseekers Chart, over 10,000 records sold, and establishing a strong presence on the air with singles like “Stronger” and “Dirty”. Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Avenged Sevenfold, Flyleaf, Five Finger Death Punch, and Deaf Pedestrians are just several of the bands Emphatic had the opportunity to perform with, and over time have attained an extraordinary local fan base; selling out show after show at popular Omaha venues like Sokol Auditorium and The Waiting Room.

Though it's been a fun ride for a good portion of the time, Emphatic has had their fair share of frustrations, letdowns, and tribulations just like all the tens of thousands of bands trying to make it. Emphatic was signed to Universal Records, and while they may have thought that was their big break, nothing quite moved forward and Emphatic found themselves back at square one. They never lost hope, and kept doing their thing. Jeff Blue of Rock Shop Music group, notorious for boosting Linkin Park into stardom, became their manager and helped guide their musical career. Through the months that followed, they continued to persevere, play their music and do what they love most; perform and entertain. December 27th was the turning point in their musical career they have been longing for…and the rest is all history.

Whether you like the band or not, it is undeniable the dedication they have for their music and for the band. Many people would become discouraged by making it so far and trying so hard, they just can't find the strength to pick up the pieces and keep pushing on. That is what I think sets a great band apart from a good band; passion. If you don't have the hunger and the drive to succeed and pick yourself back up when you get knocked down, then not only will you fail, but you don't deserve to succeed. Only the strong will survive in this industry, and Emphatic has been more than ready to take on the challenge.

Congratulations, Emphatic. I wish you all the best in your musical ventures, and I'm very proud of you all!

Till next time,

Audrey xxx